Monday, October 31, 2016

My New Hermana


I picked up my lovely daughter this week! Her name is Hermana Amado and she is from Oklahoma! She was raised in Mexico, which means she speaks perfect spanish (yay!) and she is just killing it here in Jinotega. She has such a special light and is a fabulous missionary.

The meeting in managua where we picked up our newbies ended late so when we got to the bus station things were NUTS. One of my zone leaders, Elder Diaz, is training a new elder from the States, and the poor thing was so lost. The funnies thing was that during all the madness, the guys actually put one of the new Elder's suitcases in the wrong bus!! And the bus was pulling out!! So the poor elder looks and me and goes, "Um, hermana, they just put my suitcase in that bus and I dont think we are going in the bus." The look on his face was PRICELESS. I went running after the bus and Elder Diaz goes, "Hermana Willy, where are you going?" (in spanish) And so im like trying to explain as I run..haha but I saved the elders suitcase! After wards we were all laughing so hard. The bus station is always crazy but even though the new elder was a little shaken up I was like, "Well Elder, theres your first story to write your family. You almost lost your suitcase on the first day." hehe

So this week we have started to work with Xochils brother and his family. They came to church yesterday and i LOVE THEM so much! Also an hermana named Digna and her daughter Junieth. Pray for them that they will continue to progress.

I LOVE this work. SO MUCH.

Until next week!


Hermana Willes

My new companion, Hermana Amado

Having fun!

With our lunch cita

Seeing Hermana Walborn!

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