Monday, October 17, 2016

How to Fish


I hope everyone is doing GREAT because this week just flew by but was so amazing! We are working so hard with Harvin & Xochilt, the couple we found about 3 weeks ago. They are INCREDIBLE. Every night they are waiting for us and they both read in the Books of Mormon, sing the hymns, and the lessons are so full of the spirit. They are so accepting of everything we teach them and I feel at home when I am with them. They were so excited about church on Sunday and when they came it was so special! They got there a little late because they had to walk from their house (really far) with their baby Justin (cutest baby ever) and so a couple minutes into the meeting my companion and I received the impression to go outside and wait for them. As we walked out they were entering the gate to the church! Afterwards, Xochilt called us angels because she was scared to walk in alone. They stayed for all 3 hours and said they are excited to come this week too. They are SO special! This week we have focused a lot on marriage and how that would help them as a family. We just finished a great lesson with them. We read the Proclamation with them and Harvin was so excited about the church. They are so special :)

It has been raining like CRAZY SNAKES here in Jinotega. The mud on the mountains is crazy. We have changes this week but I’m pretty sure I will be staying. Yay! hahaha i want to stay in this great area. :)

Yesterday in sacrament meeting an hermana shared that the best way to help someone isn’t by giving them a fish, but teaching them how to fish. As soon as she said it I thought of my Dad! My dad ALWAYS uses that phrase: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime :) It is so true. I am trying to teach my investigators how to fish by having them feel the spirit in our lessons so that when we aren’t with them they can study the scriptures and eat some spiritual fish on their own! I know that if i am working with the spirit i am a sucessful missionary!

I love you all so much!! 



Hermana Willes

Xochilit, Harvin and Baby Justin

The Book of Mormon in her hand!!

The mud on my legs...
what happens everyday :/

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