Monday, October 24, 2016

A Wedding and a Baptism

This week was FULL OF MIRACLES.

We had a multi zone in Esteli and before the meeting the APs sent out a text telling us that President was going to randomly choose someone to give a 10 minute talk so everyone had to prepare. I was like oh he wont choose me..well...HE DID! haha he was like ok now we are going to hear Hermana Willes..oops. But i think it went ok :) 

Also, after we got back from the multi zone we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off on Friday trying to get everything ready for Xochil & Harvin's wedding and baptism on Saturday. On Tuesday they told us that they wanted to get baptized! I cried I was so happy. We thought we had a lawyer to marry them, but when we called him on Friday he fell we were running around all of Jinotega trying to get a laywer one day before. Also, in all of the madness I accidentally left our keys to the house inside the house..oops. (first picture: harvin saving us and opening our door when we were locked out) Luckily God is a God of miracles so we were able to find a lawyer, order the cake, and everything for Saturday.

Saturday was a day of pure BLISS. hehe. I had my first wedding in the mission and afterwards Xochil & Harvin got baptized! I let Xochil borrow one of my dresses and she looked amazing! They were both SO happy. We had the wedding in the house of the lawyer and the reception in the church. We had a Proclamation to the World in a picture frame and we printed a picture of them too so they could remember how important the family is and how important THEIR family is :) For their baptism we went to Matagalpa and had a Tarde Blanca with all the missionaries in Jinotega and Matagalpa. There were so many people and it was so beautiful to see all these beautiful people make their first convenant with God!

This week I have just been so happy because I know that Xochil & Harvin are truly chosen people. And my cute comp, Hermana Alfaro, was able to see their baptism. We got news of changes and I will actually be training again. My comp went to Puerto Cabezas! I will pick up my daughter (greenie) tomorrow in Managua. I am SHOCKED that I am training again. If I train one more time I will be tied with my mom in how many kids we have. :) hehe only i did it in a year and a half! :) just kidding mom.

God is Good!  Love you all!


Hermana Willes

Getting back into our apartment

The Wedding

I love them!

So happy for this family

Baptism Night

In White

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