Tuesday, October 4, 2016

General Conference Rocks!


Sorry I am writing late.  Yesterday the power was out in all of Jinotega so we couldnt write! Woops! But here we are.

This week was so great! General Conference rocks :) I loved hearing all of the messages of the apostles and general authorities of the church. They truly are so led by the Spirit. 

On Saturday we watched conference in our church with the tablet of a member..haha. We went to go pick up one of our investigators on Saturday morning and it was so funny. She lives (of course) in the middle of the mountain and so usually we have to get to her house through this little path but on Saturday there were these dogs there..dogs that bite. So we just stood in the backyard (?) of another house and we were like we will just wait for you here hermana! And she was like Oh i cant go..but come over here so we can chat. We were like NOOOO she isn’t going to come? We were so sad. But the neighbors showed us the other path so we could get to her house and when we got there she whispers and goes, Dont worry I told you guys i would go and so I will go. I just don’t want them to know I am leaving the house because they might rob me! hahahah we were like..oh...ok! So she made us go lie to the neighbors saying that she wasnt going to go with us. TOO FUNNY….

Anyways, something that I loved from Conference was Elder Redlunds talk. He was talking about how the Spirit teaches us gospel truths and that is how we gain our testimonies. But sometimes we forget the experiences we have had, and He just said, DONT FORGET. Please. Dont forget. The emotion behind his words was just so touching! I know that it is so easy for us to forget. But when we do the little things that fuel the flames of our testimonies, we will never forget.

I hit one year in the mission this week. One year of doing the best thing possible here on this earth. Inviting others to come unto Christ through faith, repentance and baptism. I know that the Savior has walked with me every step in the last year. I am excited for the next 6 months to see what the Lord has in store for me!


Hermana Willes

Candlelight Dinner because
the power was out!

Hermanas at General Conference in Matagalpa

Enjoying lunch between sessions

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