Monday, May 2, 2016

Seven Months

I hit seven months in the mission this week....yes I cried. My poor companion was like, 'Hermana you still have a year left...' hehehe oh well. I just love being a missionary too much! The time is going too fast.

This week we had so many miracles.. (as usual)

We found an old investigator named Wendell and reput a fecha with him to be baptized! He is preparing for the 21st of this month and he ROCKS. When we first went back his dad was bashing us (he is the pastor of another church) and when his dad left Wendell just goes, 'Sorry Hes crazy. He just doesnt understand about the one true church of Jesus Christ.' :) We taught him the plan of salvation this week and he loved it..And he came to church yesterday and after wards he told us that he wants to take us to his friends houses! Yay! Wendell Rocks!

Also..JIMMY IS BACK IN OCOTAL!!!!!!! I love Jimmy! He came to church yesterday and bore his testimony about how his life has changed..that is the most beautiful thing to hear as a missionary. Also my convert CHRISTIAN is back from El Salvador! :) She suprised me and came an activity on thursday night..I teared up I was so happy to see her! I love my converts so much!

This week I finished the Book of Mormon again. I love the Book of Mormon so much. I think the end of the Book of Mormon is the most beautiful part..I love Moroni. The Book of Mormon really has changed my life. I can not wait to start reading it again! I challenge each of you to start reading the Book of Mormon if you are not reading it right now. Go right now! haha. 

Well this week we have changes again..I am praying I will have one final change here in Ocotal! :) And I get to speak to my beautiful family on sunday..ahhh! Happy Mothers Day all of you beautiful Moms!

Have a great week!


Hermana Willes

Jimmy back in Ocotal!

Our recent convert Christian

Spider in our bathroom...I wanted to cry!

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