Monday, May 9, 2016

I Will Be Staying Here in Ocotal

Loved talking to our beautiful missionary!

Best part of Mothers Day!

Well this week was crazy snakes! I got to talk to the cute family yesterday :) Happy Mothers Day Mom!! :) I loved seeing their faces and hearing their voices. I love my family so much!

Well we had changes...and looks like I will be staying here in Ocotal for more time :) Woohoo! My plan is to never leave. I love my little town of Ocotal :) 

Yesterday we went to Esteli for stake conference and it was so fun to go with all of the members. In the morning when we were getting investigators we went to the house of an old investigator named Dennis who is a friend of my convert Lorenzo. He has a huge fear of being baptized but I felt prompted that we needed to pass by for him. So we went to his house and I was like Dennis, we are not leaving your house without you. (i can be really stubborn sometimes) and so we waiting. And 10 minutes before the bus left Ocotal he finally was like ok i will go and we started running to the church! Luckily the Lord placed a taxi right in our path and made it to the church just in time..such a miracle! He loved seeing the church in Esteli and I hope that this will help him a little bit more to enter the waters of baptism.

I am reading the book the Infinite Atonement right now and every page blows my mind. It is so beautifully written. I am starting the understand the Atonement a little bit more every day. I testify the the Atonement really is Infinite..there are no limits. And when we feel like we are alone, we are never alone. The Savior always understands our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Isnt the gospel just so beautiful?

Anyways, I love you all so much and hope that you are doing just fabulous. Here is a lovely picture of all of my family here in Ocotal on the bus yesterday!


Hermana Willes

On the blonde head among all the latinos

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