Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Great Week

Well first off..i think everyone has heard that my brother Joseph was elected Prom King..and you are all responsible to not let that go to his head. haha but CONGRATS JOE! :) That really is so exciting! And my other little brother Spencer is now a sacrament passing, temple going 12 year old! Im so proud of you Spence!

This week was another great one here in Ocotal. We had a miracle yesterday..we brought a family of 4 to church! Woohoo! We are going to their house tonight to do a family home evening so wish us luck. :)

Other than that nothing too crazy happened this week..yesterday we were woken up by Hermana Chow (our landlord) in our house because we had left the faucet open and the water came at about 5 in the morning..oops. :) 

The trip to Managua on Tuesday was a success..i got to see my Wally Bear! #bestfriendsforlife

I also will finish reading the Book of Mormon this week! YAY :) I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have no doubt. The people in the Book of Mormon are INCREDIBLE and I am so pumped to meet them all one day. 

Also my recent convert, Melba, came back to Ocotal! She is the daughter of Melvin. It was so good to see her! She left this morning but I was just reminded of how cute and special she is. :)

Anyways, I love you all so much! I hope everyone is doing wonderful!


Hermana Willes

With Melba

Recent Convert Arlen.  She wants to serve a mission

Breakfast with Hermana Chow

I got to see Wally!!!

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