Monday, May 30, 2016

Nicaragua is Beautiful

This week was a great one. Ernesto and his family and rocking it :) Yesterday we were a little late to help get the little girls to church and Brandy, the ten year old, called me and goes, Hermana Willy we just want to know if you are coming to help or if we should go without you guys? ..That is a missionarys dream. Their family is incredible. The love I feel in their house is unreal! So there is Ernesto, his wife Graciela, and they have three daughters. Katerine who is 12, brandy who is 10, and Genesis who is 7. They are the cutest. Little Genesis loves to pray and little kids speaking spanish just make me melt. We have started leaving them with coloring pages from some of the Liahonas we have in our house and they love them! We are SO blessed to be working with this family. They were able to see a baptism this week and are so excited for the 18th of June.

Today for Pday we climbed a mountain..haha I fell a couple times coming down but it was so fun! Nicaragua is BEAUTIFUL. I can not get over how lucky I am to be serving here. I testify that the Lord knows exactly who we are and what we need. He is always there extending his hand to bless us, we just need to look.


Hermana Willes

Today's hike.  Nicaragua is so beautiful!

Hermana Willes and Hermana LeStarge enjoying the view.

Brandy and a coloring page from the Liahona.
Each scripture has a color coordinated with it.
She took notes and told us all about how the
Liahona works after.  I just love her!

"I love the Ketchup so much!  And everything
is better in bags!"

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