Tuesday, March 1, 2016

All I Do Every Day is Talk About the Gospel. LOVE IT.

Well this week was kind of CRAZY! I got to work with my old comp on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday my companion, Hermana Marquez, got back from Managua and we got news from President that we would be in a trio! Super crazy!

On Thursday morning we had a baptism! Yay! Her name is Marianna. She is the sister of a recent convert here in Ocotal and she was so excited to be baptized. We did it in the morning and she was all ready to go when we picked her up! 

After the baptism we got so more news..my dear Wally bear had to leave Ocotal! We spent most of the day taking her to our recent convert’s homes so she could say goodbye. Hard stuff. It was hard to say goobye to my best friend but I know that we will be friends for the eternities!

Things have been a little crazy here in Ocotal but I am LOVING being a missionary. Today technically I hit 5 months being a missionary! It has flown by and Ive decided I’m going to stop counting because when I hit 6 months I have less than a year left...I love testifying of Christ every day. I was thinking last night and I thought..all I do every day is talk about the gospel. LOVE IT. Even though these past couple weeks have been crazy, I love this country that has stolen my heart. I love Ocotal and my sweet companion! 

Hope you all have a great week!


Hermana Willy

Mariana's (in white) baptism

Saying Goodbye with Hermana Wcalborn to Melvin
Melvin has the priesthood now and is passing the
sacrament every week. He has even baptized two people.
Woohoo! Go Melvin!

Hard saying goodbye to my Wally.
(Sarah's half smile/half cry face :) 

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