Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Beautiful Week in Ocotal!

Beautiful Family and Friends!

Another beautiful week here in Ocotal has gone by! SO CRAZY. This week I did divisions TWICE and I learned so much. I love how the Lord works differently through each missionary. Hermana Melendrez (Guatemala) and Hermana Gabriel (Guatemala) are both incredible missionaries. Hermana Gabriel dies in this change (She finishes her mission) and she is my TL. It was so fun to talk and work with her. She only has one more week as a missionary..crazy snakes!

Yesterday was a crazy Sunday! We are working with an Hermana named Bexua. One night we went to a less active member’s house and she was there and told us she would love to come to church. But, we weren’t able to pass by for her last week and remind her so she didn’t go! Luckily, my comp still had faith though and we visited her this week and committed her to come to church. Well, yesterday morning we were doing divisions to try and bring more people but one of the hermanas we were going to do divisions with slept in..oops. So we were scrambling trying to figure everything out and didn’t have time to pass by for Bexua until 15 minutes before church started! (Hermana Willy was really stressed) And when I passed by for at her house her daughter told me she had already left. Naturally, I thought this was a lie. (Repent Hermana Willy) but if you knew the one wants to tell you no so they just lie. haha. BUT I ran to the church and she was waiting outside!! She told me, I was in my house and thought the hermanas haven’t passed but I told them I would go so I need to go. That is gold as a missionary! I was SO happy.

Also yesterday a WHITE MAN came to church. haha. with an ipad. I was like WOWWW and actually got a little overwhelmed. I love my simple life here in Ocotal. He is here with a group of university students for an engineering project and he treated us to dinner last night. It was really weird sitting and eating dinner. But He was really nice! I love members of the church.

WELL this Monday we have changes. I might be leaving my dear old Ocotal. Whatever happens, I know that the Lord has a plan for me, and He knows best. I also know that serving a mission was hands down THE best decision I ever made. No doubt about it. I LOVE the gospel and I want to share it for the rest of my life. I am so excited for the General Womens meeting on Saturday. We are going to try and watch it..haha pray for us! :) 

I hope everyone has a great week!


Hermana Willes

Dinner with "the white man" and the university students

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