Monday, March 7, 2016

Conference in Estelli

Woohoo! Today we went to Managua and I am officially here in Nicaragua legally! :) its about time right...haha.

This week we had the baptism of a man named Santos! We met him in a contact and he is like another grandpa. For some reason i like working with men that age? probably because the are easy to talk to. They remind me of Boppy :) Poor Santos was a little sick the day of his baptism but he still did it! He is awesome.

And YAY this week we had an area conference on Sunday in Esteli. It was a broadcast for all of Central America. My wonderful members here in Ocotal got to travel to the church building! Everyone LOVED seeing a sign that actually had the name of the church. It was so cute :) They loved it.

Because we had to go to Managua today we did divisions in Esteli yesterday. I worked with my TL Hermana Gabriel (she goes home in 3 weeks!!) and something funny happened. Something crazy always happens when we have divisions. So we are teaching one of her investigators and he is standing in the doorway and behind him we see this woman. When we ask who she is he just like shrugs it off and we are like ok? but keep teaching. We start teaching and he comes to look at the folleto, takes one step forward, and this girls just bolts out of the house. She saw her chance and took it! She starts running so fast and looks back with this huge smile on her face. Gabriel and I are like what? And then the investigator just takes off right behind they are just booking it down the street and we are like what just happened...we are standing outside this house and we cant really leave because we cant leave houses solo here in nicaragua. that is a no no. but its ok because he comes back like five minutes later and it turns out that the girl had stolen his phone out of his house! haha. he went off and told us that he is nice to everyone and that that is what he gets for trusting the people. haha it was super funny. :)

ANYWAYS I love the mission! Hope you all have a great week!


Hermana Willes

Santo's Baptism

Conference in Estelli

I love my companion!

Ran into elders from my MTC
district at the government building

At the conference with Karina

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