Monday, March 28, 2016

6 months, 2 daughters, 1 area

Well...everyone hold on to their seats because changes happened yesterday..and Hermana Willy has 6 more weeks in Ocotal! :) WOOHOO!

We had a baptism on Saturday (the son of a member) and we are just about to wrap it up (we were at the river) and our TL calls me and goes, ¨Hermana Willy and Hermana Marquez..I just need to tell you that you guys are both training this change.´ WHAT?! Tomorrow I will be picking up my hija in Managua! :) I hit 6 months in the mission on Wednesday! 6 months in the mission, two daughters, and one area here in my little Ocotal. I will be returning to the other side of Ocotal with my daughter :) Opening an area will be quite the adventure but I am so excited! I know the Lord will help us a lot!

This week we had the Meeting for the Women (sorry i cant remember what it is called in English) and so we watched in on our little computer in the church. We had about 15 women and it was so beautiful! Bexua (our investigator) came and loved it. She is so great! I am so excited for General Conference. It will be weird to watch it in Spanish but I will love it nonetheless :)

Funny last night we are sitting outside the house of two members, Iveth and Bielka. We finished the closing prayer and two geckos fell on me shoulder! I screamed like a little girl and Beilka (14 years old) screamed right with me. I felt like I was the lady in Parent Trap when the gecko is on her water bottle. haha.

Crazy story..Yesterday I was sitting in sacrament meeting and we are about to sing the intermediate hymn when one of my Zls, Elder Cedeno, comes up to me and goes, do you want to talk? (in spanish of course) So..after the intermediate hymn I gave a talk. With about 30 seconds notice. That was a first :) haha Good thing I had a story up my sleeve to share about the Atonement so it wasn’t too horrible. Or at least I dont think it was..

Inspiring story..on Saturday before the baptism we were all ready to go and the family was piling in the truck when I had a moment where I had to decided if I would be obedient. There is a rule that we cant ride in the back of trucks (which makes sense) and so I hesitated. One of my ZLs, Elder Hirshi, knew this was rule too and lucky we both wanted to be obedient. We knew it would be a hassle because we had to walk about 20 minutes to a river where we would have the baptism, but we talked to the mom of the family and she walked the whole way with us and our companions so that we could be obedient. Right after that I got the news from President that I would be training and he asked me if I am perfectly obedient. It felt so good to be honest and say yes! :)

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week and watch Conference in english for me! hehe. Wish me luck with my hija tomorrow! and also, I know that our Savior Lives. And because He lives, We all can live again too. How beautiful is that?


Hermana Willes

Baptism of the son of Hermana Fatima and Hermano Fransisco! His name is Stylon and his baptism was the same day of his eight birthday. He was so excited! The river was so beautiful!

Hermana Fatima...
the hermann that walked with us so that we could be obedient!

My favorite drink in the whole of these bags costs like 5 cents here and i drink at least 5 every day. It is the best. you just rip the edge open with your teeth and it! its called yupi!

Watching the Women's Conference

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