Monday, April 4, 2016

Mi Hija

Another week what? On Tuesday I got my INCREDIBLE daughter from Managua. She is so prepared. I love her so much. She will change lives like crazy. Her name is Hermana Le Starge and she is from Utah too. She is so special and her testimony is just like fire.

My poor daughter..when we got to Ocotal we didn’t have lights..or running water..hehe culture shock to the extreme. :) But I still love my Ocotal! Tuesday was Karina (a member)s birthday and we got to share what we loved about her and I cried..I know that I knew Karina Lagos in the Premortal Life :) She is the best.

I hope that everyone enjoyed conference! We have been working like crazy this week to open this area again and its been hard work but I know that the Lord is helping us every step of the way. 

ALSO...MY CONVERT FROM NEW YORK CAME BACK! Jimmy is back in Ocotal! I totally cried when I saw him. He is the best. He is here visiting for two weeks and we are pumped to try and get everything ready for his temple recommend so when he goes to the states he can do baptisms for the dead. When I saw him again I was reminded what a miracle he was and what a miracle he is. I know that just bringing one soul to the Lord brings so much joy. Incredible joy that cant be expressed :)


Shout out to my BEAUTIFUL sister Abby who turns 14 today!

Shout out to my cousin NATE who will be headed to California on his mission mandarin speaking...congrats Nate! you will kill it!


Hermana Willes

Zone Meeting

My poor lights

Sharing the gospel with the world :)

P-day soccer

Generations: Hermana wally is my mom..
         hermana marquez (yellow dress) is my daughter
           hermana le starge (next to me) is my daughter 
                   to the left of wally is her daughter 
               and markys comp is my grandaughter!

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