Monday, January 23, 2017

Mairon and Maritza Got Married & Baptized!

This week was GREAT!

Mairon and Maritza got MARRIED & BAPTIZED!!! WOOHOO!!! :) They are the cutest, most pilas couple ever. The week was full of meetings and we were running all over town and could barely work in our area..and then we were fully blessed this weekend with the help of members and seeing a family enter the waters of baptism. They were so excited! So many people came to the wedding on Friday night and Mairon and Maritza both looked so great!  On Saturday, at the baptism they were both grinning ear to ear. They have already started talking about the temple :) I love them so much. People like them make all the hard days and moments of no success totally worth it. Moments like this weekend make me never want to stop being a missionary!!

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting I gave a talk about the Savior's atonement and repentance. I shared the famous story that my Dad tells about when I thought his job at Nestle consisted of mixing chocolate, and they all thought it was pretty funny. I shared about how sometimes we don't understand the "work" of our Heavenly Father. His work really is to help us become like Him..and repentance is essential in that plan. The Plan of Happiness can't function without repentance. I have learned on my mission to repent every single day, because when I do, the Lord helps me be better. I have such a long way to go to become like Him, but I am forever grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The plan of our Heavenly Father is perfect. So perfect that it brings me to tears sometimes! After my talk a cute sister in the ward came up and told me, "You spoke so beautifully. I turned to my husband and said, that's a reflection of the things her parents taught her!" I was like AMEN! Haha Birthday shout out to my Dad, the man who has taught me so much. He really does teach and love like the Savior. I have looked up to him my whole life. Thanks for being such a great example and a worthy priesthood holder. Mom you got a good one! (I'd give a shout out to my mom too but I will wait until her birthday to make it more special:))

I love this work. I love this gospel! 


Hermana Willes

The Wedding

Baptism of Mairon and Maritza
Such a beautiful day!

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