Monday, August 29, 2016

Hot showers and air conditioning!


Well this week has been pretty low-key. My companion and I are living with the mission nurse and her husband while she recovers from her surgery. We have been so blessed to have more hot showers and more air conditioning! They also took us to the grocery store and after 9 months of living in this country I discovered that they actually have bagels! I may or may not have eaten a whole package of bagels this just cant put a price on american food! :)

Even though I haven’t done much proselyting this week I have studied the scriptures a lot and have realized again that there is a tangible difference in the day when someone studies the scriptures and when they don’t. I found this quote that says: 

Dios los ayudara a llegar a ser algo mayor de lo que ustedes creyeron posible, y descubriran que el evangelio de JesuCristo en verdad funciona en su vida. Funciona.

Now for those of you that dont speak spanish, it basically says that God will help us become better than something we ever thought possible. And we will find that the Gospel really functions in our lives. I know that God sees us where we can be, and not where we are right now. I love this because as missionaries we are blessed to see how much potential an investigator has, like God sees them, and then and we help them the best we can to start reaching their potential.

I know that God lives and LOVES us. Serving a mission is hands down the best thing I have ever done. I just love being a missionary! :) 


Hermana Willes

The Bells
Mom Note:  This mission couple is the best
Thank you Elder and Sister Bell

Grocery Shopping at a real grocery store!
I felt like I was at Disneyland!

I love my cute companion to death!
Mission companions make the best of friends!

celebrating my birthday...a month early! (stinker)

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