Monday, August 22, 2016

Our Adventure this Week...

I am currently in the Hospital in Manauga :) Unfortunately it’s for my cute companion, Hermana Gould.

On Friday Hermana Gould starting having a lot of pain in her lower ab after our studies. She had some medical things happen before her mission so we just assumed it was that and she said she would be fine by the end of the day if she could just rest.  We did divisions so that I could still be working while she was resting. She ended up going to Ernesto (my recent convert)'s house and laying down on their couch while I left to work with another member. Around 6 I decided to call her to see how she was doing. She said that I should probably come back and when I did I found her laying on a mattress on the floor, curled up. The pain had gotten worse and so we decided to call the nurse of our mission, Hermana Bell. She had us do some tests and she told us that she thought that maybe it was her appendix. She said, 'You girls need to come to Manauga right now so we can go to the hospital! She might need to get her appendix removed!' Well..we are four hours away from Manauga and it was almost 9 at night. Luckily there is a senior couple in Esteli, two hours from Ocotal, that came to pick us up and then the Bells drove us the rest of the way to Managua. We got to Managua about 2 in the morning..where the doctors ran tests and decided that companion needed her appendix removed. They started surgery at about 5 and we have been in the hospital ever since! woohoo! It has been quite the adventure. Our room is actually in the maternity ward so yesterday as we were walking around the hallway a man turned to us and asks us, 'How is your baby?" and We are like...oh she didnt have a baby! We are missionaries! haha. It as been a little weird to be in the hospital and not to be working, but I am SO glad that my companion is feeling better. We have had an incredible doctor and the hospital even has a shower and hot water! Woohoo :) 

That was our adventure from the week! I dont really know what will happen this week..if I will be headed to ocotal or staying in Managua so my companion will recover. 

I hope you all have a great week


Hermana Willes

Prayers for Hermana Gould

Down time at the Hospital!

A visit from Wally!

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