Monday, July 4, 2016

Miracle on Miracle

This week was so GREAT!

First off..I met our new President! President Poncio is AMAZING. He is all smiles and wants to get to know all of the missionaries. I pretty much didnt know what I was doing in consejo but it sure was pretty fun! And I learned a lot about how we really are called to be leaders to help others, because we are a team here in the mission :) miracle time..because we had to go to consejo on Friday we were not able to pass by for our possibility this week, Holman. I was so stressed because that is when Satan just goes crazy snakes and takes advantage of anyone preparing for baptism. He also doesnt have a phone so we could call him..but on Saturday we were supposed to meet him at 1:30 to head to the pool for the baptism and...HE WASNT HOME. I had been praying all morning for him to be there..and he wasnt. But I turned to my hija and was like, We are not leaving. I know that we will have a we sat and waiting. We prayed. We waiting. And finally..his brother (who is always drunk) comes out to talk to us and he goes, Holman is waiting for you guys just three blocks down! Go get him! And I was like...I dont know if I believe this guy..(he is always drunk haha) but we were like...ok lets go! And....HE WAS WAITING! Turns out he had to work longer than he thought and his sister lived closer so he showered and got ready there and then was waiting for us. We picked him up and then we headed to the pool and he got baptized! WOOHOO! My cute hija has already her first baptism! We are also planning on baptizing Holmans sister, Rosa, this week! Yay! :)

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! We went and got hamburgers to celebrate..that is why there is a picture of me eating a hamburger. Also I saw my Wally Bear! I am so blessed to have my best friend with me in the mission. :) The picture with the Elders is the original Ocotal crew..(only Elder Hirschi and I are still in Ocotal). The two elders and Hermana Ashcraft die this sad.

ANYWAYS..I LOVE the mission and I LOVE Ocotal. We are seeing miracles every day. I love the scripture in Ether that says, For if there be no faith among the children of men, God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, He showed not himself until after their faith. I know that when We have the faith, The Lord is willing to provide the miracle. We just need to have the faith! :)

Everyone go swimming and eat good food today! hehe. :)


Hermana Willes

Holman's Baptism

A huge cheeseburger for the 4th!

Meeting President and Sister Poncho

The original Ocotal district reunited!

Loved seeing Wally!!

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