Monday, July 25, 2016

Another Miracle

WE HAD ANOTHER MIRACLE. We always have miracles in the mission, but this week the Lord sent me straight to my knees in gratitude.

We started the week off with three possibilities to be baptized. On Wednesday, Magaly, fell. We pushed her fecha back for this week, so we were left with two. On Thursday morning we received a message from our District Leader, asking for someone we could baptize. In his words, Do you have a miracle you can baptize this week? The thought came to my mind that maybe we could find an investigator that had already gone to church that would be ready for baptism. I turned to my companion and I told her, I know that God does miracles if missionaries have the faith. I think we can find someone today in a contact that has been to church but for some reason wasn’t baptized, but they will be ready to be baptized on Saturday. She was like...WILLY YOU ARE CRAZY! But I reminded her that if we have the faith..The Lord always does his part. So we said a comp prayer asking the Lord to put someone in our path...

Fast forward to that afternoon. We are walking out of an appointment and this guy starts talking to us! We invite him to church and he tells us that he has been to church about a year ago. He went about 5 times but never got naturally we invited him to get baptized. ....HE SAID YES! On Friday, we reviewed the lessons and on Saturday he got baptized!! His name is Carlos and he is SO pilas. Yesterday in church before it started he was sitting and reading in the Book of Mormon :) He was just glowing he was so happy! I am still in shock that this miracle happened...especially because our other possibilities fell. But we still were able to have a baptism! :) The Lord is blessing us like crazy right now..I just love being a missionary so much!!

This week we have changes..but i think that I might actually stay in Ocotal. Ocotal Forever....


Hermana Willes

Carlos' Baptism

We climbed a mountain for Elder Hirshi's last P-day

At the top with my cute companion

Darling little girl of one of the members
I love the kids...

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