Monday, July 11, 2016

This Work is a Privilege

This week was so crazy...

First of all we had a multizone with President Poncio and it was so great. They talked about how the Savior would leave the house every day if he was a missionary alongside us..or how He left the house during his ministry. It really made me think about how I leave the house each day! I love doing this work and it is such a privilege :) poor companion got a parasite. She was pretty much throwing up everything that she was eating and we knew something was we went to the Nica doctor and it turns out she has a parasite! My poor comp..but she is loaded with meds now and is doing awesome! haha keep her in your prayers that her little friend dies soon! 

ROSA GOT BAPTIZED! Woohoo! It was a miracle :) She was so happy! And she looked beautiful.

We almost got killed by a cow this week. We were teaching one of my recent converts Melva outside of her house when her neighbor starts screaming THERE IS A COW! And we turn around like what? And then this cow just starts barreling towards us..AH! Literally the horns almost skewered us. I have never been scared of a cow but in that moment..haha we all ran into the house and then died of laughter. Oh the things that happen in Nicaragua :)

On Monday we did an FHE where we were making a poster with our handprints for ´somos las manos de cristo´but it accidentaly turned into a paint comp and I were showering at 10 at night..SO COLD. but so fun :) still pulling paint out of my hair. I love my cute family!

Well I hope things are going GREEAT! My cuz got home and spoke so shout out to Kinsey! I love you girl! I am so proud of you and know that you were an incredible missionary.



Hermana Willes

Washing clothes...
I guess I have embraced the third world life!

Rosa's Baptism

Me and my cute companion!

FHE with Ernesto and his family

Then there's the rain....

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