Monday, April 11, 2016

A Week of Miracles

Another week gone here in the most beautiful place on earth :)

I hope everyone tells my beautiful inspiring perfect momma HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She really is all i aspire to be in this life. I love you Mom!!!!! :) (dont tear up hermana willy..dont do it..)

This week we had a miracle!! Yesterday we were passing by for people to get them to come to church and I had this impression to pass by for a certain house. We had gone to this house on Saturday and the mom had told us that she sells food on Sunday and that maybe she could quit working for an hour to come to church. I thought..why not? When we got to the house we actually found the daughter and when we told her we had a church meeting in 40 minutes she was like ok I will go get ready! (miracle number 1) We told her we would come back in 15 minutes for her. We went back and she hadn't done anything to get ready, but then ran to throw clothes on and was ready within 10 minutes. (miracle 2) We had testimony meeting yesterday and another missionary bore their testimony about the Book of Mormon, and instantly she got curious. (Miracle 3) My inspired companion had happened to have an extra book of mormon with her so she gave it to her to read during the meeting and for her to keep! (miracle 4) She wants to learn more and we are going back to her house tomorrow to explain what happened with Joseph Smith and how we have the Book of Mormon! (Miracle 5). My favorite miracle was that my cute comp had an extra Book of Mormon with her..Hermana Le Starge loves these people so much and had been struggling to feel like she was actually fulfilling her missionary purpose with the language barrier..this was such a tender mercy that she can still change lives as she learns spanish. I love my hija :)

Also something funny that happened this week..we got locked out of our house this morning. hehe. my fault. We went to go buy more minutes on our phone and i forgot to bring the keys with us.. But the lady that owns our house (Hermana Chow) called the locksmith guy and he broke into our house for us and replaced the lock. Hermana Chow is the cutest..she speaks english and so we hung out with her while we waited for the lock guy to come. She isnt married and I told her that one day she will find a husband and she told me you just cant find good christian men. So i said..Well what about a Mormon? She laughed and said as long as he doesnt try to baptize me. hehe. We are still working on her..slowly but surely :) Nah but really she is the best! One day my parents will meet Hermana Chow. Moral of the story..dont forget your keys in the house!

I love you all! Keep being amazing!


Hermana Willes

Beautiful Nicaragua!

Hermana Willes and Hermana LeStarge

I love my companion!

Happy Birthday Mom! 
Jumping for Joy because it's my Mom's birthday!

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