Monday, January 4, 2016

All Nicaraguans Go to Heaven


We had another baptism this week..Nicaraguans are just all going to heaven! :)  It was a miracle too because we didn't talk to her this week until Thursday..but the Lord helped us so much. Nahomi is only 13 and she is adorable. Her mom died a couple years ago and she was so excited about the plan of salvation. And she walks all the way to church every week and the walk is about 30 minutes! 

Church was SO great yesterday! We brought so many to church. We were literally running before the 2 o’clock meeting to get taxis for everyone. Most of the people we teach live in Sandino which is a ten minute taxi ride to church so all the menos activos won’t come really unless you help them get there..oh the nicas :)
Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited for this year because every day I will be doing the exact same thing--representing Jesus Christ and helping others grow closer to Him. I am so blessed :) Nicaragua is just the best. I am so excited for what this new year will bring!

So the other day we were filling out the paper work for Nahomi (the adorable girl we baptized) and there is this little malnurished little boy (i think 3) and he is leaning on my legs, just being cute, and I feel this hot liquid running down my leg. Well, turns out he just really had to go and the mom must have forgotten the cloth that morning! hahaha it was so funny.

I hit my three month mark on the 30th! How crazy! I love it here SO much and am so happy I still have a lot more time here on the mission ;)


Hermana Willes

Nahomi's Baptism


New Year's Eve kiss

Pday Soccer

Lice.  There are no words

The cyber where we email

This companionship :)

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