Monday, December 28, 2015

I Broke My Record!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas because I sure did! I was actually a little sick here on Christmas day...but don't you worry it didn't stop us from having a baptism! :) We had a baptism the week before too! Nicaragua is just the promised land!

So the title of my email is "I broke my record" because this week I broke one of my records I have held near and dear to my heart. In college I would always brag to my roommates about how I haven't thrown up since the 6th grade..well.........i threw up on Christmas! Or the day before...Here Christmas is the 24th :) It was actually really funny because my comp was taking pictures with some girls in our barrio and I was like uh oh...and just let out my tamale from lunch on the side of the road. Yay Christmas! But God is so good because the next day I felt well enough to skype my family. And isn't my family just so beautiful? It felt really weird to be on this side of the computer. But I loved it!

So funny moment of the week!!!!... We went to our recent convert´s house, Melvin and we were teaching him and his daughter who got baptized a week ago, and during the lesson (that we were teaching outside) their drunk neighbor comes to the little gate and starts walking through. Melvin quickly starts wagging his finger at this drunk guy and is like "NO!"... but then the drunk guy was like, "hang on.. i have to do something." and walked right on through the gate and through our lesson and into the outdoor shower... and started showering. BAHAHAHA we all started dying since this poor man was so drunk. The funniest part was that after we started the lesson up again we heard a bang from the shower and we all look over and the CURTAIN HAD FALLEN!!! We all died laughing as for a brief moment saw this man showering!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Nicaragua is the best.

I LOVE being a missionary so much and I'm so blessed. Thanks to everyone who has written me letters. I got them all before Christmas. THANK YOU!

Until next week!


Hermana Willes

Melvin and his daughter

Liliana was baptized on Christmas

At our recent convert's house, Celeste.
This is their traditional clothes for dances.

Headed to the branch Christmas party...
and bringing a table from home! :)


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