Monday, January 11, 2016

President Comes to Ocotal!

So this week.... BAYARDO GOT BAPTIZED!!! So a little about Bayardo... He is 62 years old and is sick right now with chikungunya. He was in the hospital for a long time in Managua but then he came back to Ocotal. One day, little Hermana Wally and I were walking down a road that we walk down every day, and felt that we should contact this house! Bayardo came to the gate and let us in and we met his wife and his children (who didn’t want to listen) and we started talking to him right away about baptism! Within 5 minutes of talking with him, we had invited him to be baptized, and he accepted! We came back the next day and Hermana Wally had a cold so she couldn´t talk a lot, and I lead my first ever lesson in Spanish. At the end of the lesson I asked if he still wanted to be baptized and he said yes! I will always remember that feeling of pure joy. Ever since that day he has just grown so fast and is so incredibly smart! At his baptism, he asked us if he could share is testimony and he told us that he couldn’t believe he was going to die (when he was sick before) before finding what it was that God wanted him to do. He then continued to say that he just waited and then we came with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He referred to us as angels and said he was so excited to be baptized not only by water but also by FIRE!! (the Holy Ghost!) We feel so blessed to have taught a prepared son of God who will be soon recieving the priesthood! He also loves the hymn Teach Me to Walk in the Light! haha One day we sang that hymn and at the end he goes, We will walk in the Light together. :) I am so grateful for Bayardo and how precious he is. He is just like another little grandpa! When he changed for his baptism He couldn´t button up his shirt because of his chikungunya and I had to do it for him..not really sure if that is allowed but it seemed harmless to me! Hehe.

President Collado our mission President came to Ocotal this week. He just said how proud he was of the missionaries over here. We are just so happy to have the opportunity to serve in an area where there are prepared people on every corner! This morning my companion said to me, I don´t think anyone is as happy to be a missionary as you are. And I think I have to agree...just because being a missionary is the BEST. I wouldnt trade anything for the memories I am making and the experiences I am having. How beautiful is it that we have the gospel?


Hermana Willes

Bayard's baptism

Grocery Shopping in Nicaragua!

Hermana Walborn, not feeling so well :(

Look what we found at the market

Dino nuggets time!

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