Monday, November 30, 2015

One More Week, One More Baptism!

"This week was so great..yesterday I was leading the music in relief society and one of my first converts in the family that was baptized was just grinning up at me and I was like like wow I am a missionary and I am so full of happiness right now. It was accurate too because we were singing tengo gozo in mi alma hoy! (There is Sunshine in My Soul Today) That song is so much better in spanish. This sister (Karina) is seriously the best. Mom, you would love her. She is so funny because she knows when I understand and when I'm just pretending to understand :) She has two little boys and they are so cute. The kids here are so cute!!!"       --part of her email to me (Lisa)--just love it!!

Five people baptized in three weeks! Woohoo! I love Central America :) I really have been so blessed. This week Jose was baptized, the son of Ada (the lady that was baptized last week). This week was so GREAT!!!


Thanksgiving dinner of rice and beans! Sooooo yummy.

Being chased by a drunk man! Yay! Thank goodness for hills so we could run down the other side and He couldn't find us. Definitely impressed with his speed though :) But don't worry mom, I can take any drunk man out because their perception is sooo off.

Teaching Jimmy! Our investigator Jimmy is from NYC and he is visiting his family in Nicaragua. He is amazing. We get to teach in English which is crazy (so fun but also so hard because we need to keep it simple). We taught him to pray this week and in every prayer he says, ¨Help me to know if this is true because I just wanna do what you want me to do and I don´t wanna do anything you don´t want me to do´¨. How precious is that?

We are teaching these super cute girls Juanita and Mariella and we left them with a Book of Mormon the first night we met them (SUPER rare) and when we showed up the next day Juanita was like, I have a question! Turns out she read all of the testimonies and introductions and she asked us what the Urim and Thummim was! haha She is soo pilas. Love her!

Well this week we have changes because President doesn't want anyone in the MTC for Christmas so pray I stay with Hermana Walborn!! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!! Love you all!

Hermana Willes


Hermana Willes, Hermana Walborn and Jose

Part of our area

Where we meet for Sacrament Meeting

My favorite people ever! Karina (holding the baby)
and her mom Candida.  This family is temple bound!

Thanksgiving Dinner :)

I love this cute little boy named Harold!

Making chocolate chip cookies latin style--without an oven!

Our cute landlord.  She calls us babydoll!

The first Christmas package arrives!

Thank you Mamoo and Boppy!!

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