Monday, November 16, 2015

I Made It!

Mom Note:  We were so excited to get Sarah’s first email from Nicaragua!  Sarah knew one sister in the Nicaragua Managua North Mission—a friend from the BYU dorms that Sarah said was topnotch.  Of course our family prayed that she would get an awesome trainer and in the back of our minds Steve and I thought, “wouldn’t it be awesome if her friend Nancy ended up her trainer??"  But we just thought there was no way—that would be way too much to hope for!  But, the Lord and his tender mercies!  We were excited to find out today in her emails that Nancy is indeed her trainer!  We are so grateful for this tender mercy!  

I am now in the great place of NICARAGUA and I love it so much! My first area is in Ocotal and I LOVE it. It isn't too hot and the people are amazing. My trainer is the one and only Hermana Walborn, who was actually in my relief society presidency at BYU. Such a blessing. She is amazing! It was so good to see her and she has already taught me so much. I live with her and one other companionship right now (all americans) and they are all incredible missionaries. Ocotal is about a 4 hour bus ride from Managua and they opened the area just two transfers ago. Our house is so cute. We only have running water about every other day and it is simple but I love it.  We have church in a little tiny house and it is so great. The food here is AMAZING. Who knew rice could be so good?

ALSO, I HAD FOUR BAPTISMS THIS WEEK! The Lagos family was baptized on Saturday and it was amazing. They were baptized in this little river (the Elders had to dam it so it would be deep enough) and it was such an incredible experience. It was a couple and their two daughters, and I love them so much! I tell them I love them all the time and they just laugh and hug me. (they love me because they get to make fun of how i can't speak spanish) I love them so much!

I've been waiting to be a missionary for so long that this week has been so surreal. I am already in love with the people and want to share the gospel with everyone. Even though I can't communicate I start up conversations anyways :) It's funny because we always will start our lessons with a prayer and my companion has them choose and they always choose me. Always :)

Well, I am safe and alive and loving every minute of being a missionary! I know that the Lord called me here specifically and I love it!  I feel like I’ve found another home.The simple life is the best life.


Hermana Willes

Hermana Willes and Hermana Walborn
outside the little house they live in

The Lagos family that was baptized on Saturday.
They are seriously so cute!

Where the Lagos family was baptized

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