Friday, October 23, 2015

Officially Hit My Halfway Mark in the MTC!

I have officially hit my halfway mark in the MTC. SO CRAZY. I am so excited to be back in the real world again (its hard to remember that there is an outside world when you are stuck in a classroom the whole day). But I also love the MTC so much and I wish I could rewind and be a newbie once again. (we always laugh at the newbies because the don't know how to open the doors with their keys)

On Sunday our Devotional was given by a man named Chad Lewis. It was awesome! He used to play for BYU. And he brought Taysom Hill! As soon as he said Taysom's name all of the Elders were like "TAYSOM IS HERE" haha. Taysom talked about how even though he's played in cool places and for a lot of people with a lot of exciting moments, none of them compared to the experiences he had as a full time missionary. :) Also at one point Chad Lewis was talking about his mission to Japan and I guess Elder Oaks visited his mission and at one point Elder Oaks said, "Well, I know the Lord loves Asian people because He sure made a lot of them!" That moment was priceless because everyone just lost it.

One funny experience from this we were teaching one of our investigators and we're just talking about how we believe in the Bible and the Book of Mormon and Prophets of Old and all that good stuff. So we're like ok who are some people in the Bible? And Our investigator names a few that we know and then she says, "Pedro!" And Hna Speas and I are like...who the heck is Pedro? So automatically I panic and I'm like oh no she believes in a different bible than we do how am I supposed to explain that? So we just are like "sorry but we don't know Pedro!" WELL come to find out Pedro is Peter in Spanish. We had another moment like that when we were talking about Joseph Smith reading in James because you don't say James with a spanish accent...apparently it changes to Santiago. Oops :)

We got three new hermanas in our room and they are serving in Canada. They are really sweet but we are on different schedules so we won't see them a lot except for the night time. We try to impart as much wisdom as we can during that hour ;)

SO my best friend cassie comes to the MTC this week and even though that doesn't apply to anyone I am STOKED. Also some Birthday shout outs to Uncle Mike, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Matt, and Adam! Hope you all have amazing days.

Love you all and you are all in my prayers!


Hermana Willes

The hermanas in our zone. L to R: Me, Hna Speas, Partridge
Playstead, Bushman, and Browning

Our District

One of Mamoo and Boppy's missionaries.  I don't know
 her name, but she's the sweetest ever.  Every time I see
her she says "Hermana Willes, I love you so much!"

I love Hermana Browning!  So hard to say good bye to her!

I love that face! (Lisa's caption:)

Two of my favorite elders!  Elder Marquez is from Brasil
and loves to sing.  He is so cool.  (He left this week).
Elder Chambers leaves this next week and is going to N.Y.
He is hilarious!

Elder Cornell (dark hair) and Elder Peters ((blonde curly).
They left this week for President Franco's mission.

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