Monday, March 27, 2017

Puerto Cabezas

Hi Everyone! 

This week was SO awesome!

I was able to travel to Puerto Cabezas!! Woohoo! It is a place on the coast of nicaragua. We flew there in the tiniest plane ever, only 10 passengers, and got to see the missionaries there. It was so cool. The houses there are on little stilts and you have to walk up wooden stairs to get up to enter the house. It is so cool! And there is no running water so everyone has a little well outside their house. I helped one of the women there pull up water from her well and it was so fun! I would have loved to serve there. But it was fun to be there for a couple days! I loved seeing how humble the people are. If you only thing you have in your life is the gospel..that is enough!

This week we will be traveling to Chinandega and Matagalpa! It will be really fun because I will able to see Hermana Zafra, my old comp! woohoo!!

I loved the Womens Conference this week. President Eyring said that if we cant see our weaknesses, we cant progress. I love that! President Poncio always says that in the mission we see a dashboard of our weaknesses, because all the distractions of the world are gone. So when President Eyring talked about it, it made me feel a lot of peace. The mission has helped me see all the things that I can do better, so that when I go home I can apply everything I have learned and become the person that Heavenly Father knows that I can be. 


Hermana Willes

Inside the little airplane

Getting water from the well

Watching closely

The Hermanas

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