Sunday, February 26, 2017



I hope everyone had a great week! The weeks are going by faster and faster and I dont know how to stop the time from going so fast.

I was able to work with a lot of different sisters this week because Hermana Zafra was traveling to her zones for interviews. It was so fun to see how they work and get to know them a little bit more. We are teaching a man named Fransisco right now and I just love him so much. He is the sweetest man. He drank a lot when he was younger up until about a year ago. Now he is looking for God and is preparing to be baptized. He was able to come to church with us today and see a baptism this week. We have had really spiritual lessons with him and I just love seeing him! He loves reading in the Book of Mormon and is just soaking it up. Teaching people like him just makes my heart so full it could burst!

Well we got news of our changes! Tomorrow all the missionaries will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get to their new areas :) haha changes are always fun! My companion, Hermana Zafra, is getting changed to Chinandega. I am sad she is leaving but happy for her to go start throwing fire in her new area! She is a killer missionary. I will be staying in the office but now there will only be one TL! Zafra was a TL of the mission with me but President has changed things a bit and so I will be in charge of all the sisters in the mission. Crazy snakes!! I hope that I will be able to show each of the sisters how much I love them. I am so humbled to be able to finish my mission here in the office working with President and being able to get to know the sisters of the mission. I will be in a trio with two sisters from Guatemala! Their names are Hermana Apen and Hermana Jimenez! They will be able to cover the area when I will be gone traveling with President. I am excited for this change! I cant believe that it is my last...where did the time go?

This week we will be having all of our regular meetings with the new missionaries, the leaders meeting, and everything! It will be loads of fun! Things are getting HOT here in Nicaragua and I am sweating like crazy snakes trying to work hard and give everything I have every day.

I love you all so much! I know the church is TRUEEEEEEE. So true. I love being a missionary!

Hermana Willes

I love being a Missionary!!

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