Sunday, February 19, 2017

Elder Rasband

Hey everyone!

This week flewwwww by so fast. It was full of spiritual experiences!!

Elder Rasband came and talked to our mission and the south mission! As soon as he entered the room I could feel the spirit testifying that He really is a special witness of Jesus Christ. He came with his wife and they wished us a Happy Valentines Day! It was so cute. Sister Rasband blew us a kiss and said, Thats the only kiss you will get today! Hahaha. They actually talked about marriage? It was really interesting. Elder Christensen, who also came, talked about how the mission helps us prepare for after..and that the most important day of our lives is when we get sealed in the temple. President looked at me from the stand and started nodding..HAHA but I am still thinking about how much time I have left here and how many more of Gods children I need to find!

Elder Rasband talked about how we need to always be finding new people to teach and it is so true! There are always more chosen people to be found! Last night we has SO many good lessons and I was just full of the spirit. We were teaching a young woman named Veronica and her mom, Martha about Joseph Smith and as I shared the first vision (I always cry when I share the first vision because its the first thing I learned in spanish) I just had a thought that I was so grateful that the gospel just makes sense. Everything. I just love this gospel so much! I know that the same church that Christ established has been restored to the earth and that we have the same authority that He had. What a blessing!

I read a quote by Elder Ballard that I LOVE. He says, "How is it that we show the Lord that we have symbolically put ourselves upon today's sacrificial altar? When we overcome our own selfish desires and put God first in our lives and covenant to serve Him regardless of the cost, we are then living the law of sacrifice."

This week this change ends. I will be starting my final 6 weeks of being a missionary. I had an interview with President Poncio and we talked about how the participants of a race always sprint towards the end..I am ready to give everything I have a put everything on the altar of sacrifice to show the Savior how much I love him. I know that I am not the perfect missionary, but I love the Savior with everything I have. 

Cuidanse mucho and have a great week!


Hermana Willes

Love my Comp!

With Elder Lee in the Office

MTC district reunites at the Mulit mission conference

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