Sunday, December 18, 2016

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!!

I am so excited for Christmas this upcoming week!! 

This week flew by and was so crazy. I am trying to adjust to a different kind of missionary life..We spent most of the week in the office this week and were only able to work for about 3 or 4 hours every day! It is definitely an adjustment but I figure that its a blessing too because I get to work close to President Poncio. Sometimes in our meetings he will just stop and share a spiritual experience with us and I will just feel so lucky to be able to work with him.

This week we did something a little different with the training the new leaders in the mission! We invited ALL the leaders and some future leaders in the mission and did two different meetings, the elders and the sisters separated. So Hermana Zafra and I were in charge of planning the meeting with the Sisters! We focused a lot on the Savior and why we are here as missionaries. Hermana Poncio shared some experiences from her mission. In one of them she said that in her training her and her companion prayed in the street to be guided by the spirit to find someone that was prepared. So her companion had her choose the house that they contacted and when they talked to the man he told them he was Jehovahs Witness. But he had never heard of the Book of Mormon and told them that if they came back in one week He would read the book cover to cover and let them know what he thought. They hesitated because they didnt know if he would actually read it, but when they returned to the house a week later he told them that He had read the whole book and that he wanted to be baptized. My eyes filled with tears as she told us of this experience! God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.

We had a mission service day and went to clean a capilla with all the people in the office! It was the dirtiest capilla i had ever seen...but we left it sparkling clean! I am so grateful that my mom taught me how to clean. 😝

Anyways, with next sunday being Christmas I wont write because I will be SKYPING my cute little fam. I hope everyone has such a wonderful Christmas and remembers that He is the reason for the season! I know that Christ lives. I know that He is the only person that has the power to redeem us. To lift us when we fall, and to walk with us back into the presence of the Father. I love him with all my heart and soul. I know that My Redeemer Lives!

and last—a HAPPY TO MY SISTER LUNDY who has her birthday this week!  I LOVE YOU LUNBUN!!


Hermana Willes

Playing at President's desk while
waiting for a meeting to start

Love giving Service!

President's Whiteboard--the magic day!!

In the office with Elder Lee and Hermana Zafra

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