Monday, December 5, 2016



PUES...this last week in Jinotega was CRAZY SNAKES. haha crazy snakes. Favorite phrase that I have learned on my mission :) I loved working with Hermana Amado. On Saturday we heard about our CHANGES....and so President Poncio called me. He says, Hermana Willes, you have a new assignment this change! The Lord has called you to be the Sister Training Leader of the Nicaragua Managua North Mission! ......I didnt say anything I was so shocked! and He goes...Is that ok Hermana! Haha I was SHOCKED and so Humbled. I told Him that if the Lord wanted me to do it of course I would do it. So yesterday I came to Managua and I am here with my new companion Hermana Zafra. We are so excited to work together this change and throw fire! We share the area with another companionship of sisters so they can work in the area while we travel with President sometimes.

Tonight we get all the new hermanas that are coming and I am so excited to meet them! Also this week Elder Ochoa is coming to speak to the mission and Hermana Zafra told me that we are going to dinner with Him and President Poncio! Wohoo! I am so nervous about this new calling but also excited. I know that I will have to rely on the Lord alot. Good thing he is all powerful!

This week my trainer, Hermana Walborn, goes home!! We are so blessed because we will be able to spend her last night together here in Managua. I'm sure it will be full of tears and telling stories. I am so grateful to have made a best friend here on the mission. :) The Lord really knows what is best! And I know that people come into our lives for a reason. #cueWICKEDmusic

I hope you are all doing well and are excited for CHRISTMAS!! I know that I am!!! :)


Hermana Willes

Ready to Go!!
Excited for the new opportunity!

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