Monday, February 15, 2016

I Love The Spirit!

Another week has gone by? What is this thing called life?

This week was so crazy! First I did divisions with my old comp, Hermana Wally! It was SO fun to see all my converts. It had only been two weeks but it felt like eternity. We stood in the kitchen and cried in the morning as we talked about how we will be best friends for life! I love my Wally Bear.

When we went to Melvin’s house he told us, I may have the blood of a latino, but I have the heart of a gringo. :) I laughed so hard. I love Melvin!

We found a mouse in our house this morning before study I was walking over to our sink and I heard something. Flashback to when I was little and we had a mouse in our house in California. Then I found poop all inside my suitcase (i had left it open with all my clothes) from the little bugger! My clothes make a nice home I guess. We thought he was gone but we saw him last this week we have big plans, Marquez and I :)

I used my first Nica bathroom this week! We were out working and I turned to Marquez and I told her I couldnt we stopped at a random house and used their facilities..lets just say thanks for underclothing that absorbs liquid right up! :) haha

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!! This week I got AMAZING packages from my beautiful Mom so I was able to eat american chocolate! Way better than any Valentine.. :) Some of the chocolate was shaped like lips and When my companion had some she goes, this kiss is like a real kiss..QUE RICO! (thats a phrase in spanish like how delicious? I dont know...haha) It was really funny. Sometimes spanish is funnier...

I hope everyone is doing amazing! This week we had so many lessons full of the spirit! I love teaching the First Lesson because it is such a powerful message. We met a guy named Andy that didnt believe in God and now he wants to be baptized! I LOVE THE SPIRIT.

Love you all!!! 

From the best place in the world,

Hermana Willes

Happy Valentine's Day!

Learning to love soccer!


Those chocolate lips...

With Hermana Marquez

Spending the day with Hermana Wally

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