Monday, December 14, 2015

Jimmy's Baptism

This week we had another baptism!! WOHOO! I am so blessed. Our investigator Jimmy from New York was baptized and I was just so happy for him. He was supposed to be baptized this coming week but we had a meeting this week where we watched Meet the Mormons (I felt so lazy watching a movie) and afterwards He said, So what if I want to get baptized this Saturday? And Wally and I were SO happy but he didn’t actually decide until Saturday at 4. We threw together a baptism in an hour! Yay for Nicaragua! :) And the best part was afterwards Jimmy asked us how to become a missionary!!! Sadly, he is too old, but we were both so happy he asked :). There is no better feeling to know that you have really been an instrument in the hands of Christ. I have dreamed of this my entire life and now I will be able to have someone in the States that I can watch grow in the gospel. Such a tender mercy from the Lord.

We have a latina in the house now, Hermana Marquez, and she is the cutest. She is so patient with my spanish and I love her so much. Today we talked for over and hour and I was like WOW that was all in Spanish! haha slowly but surely.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas! I won’t be emailing next week because i get to SKYPE and bawl my eyes out when I see my beautiful family! Woohoo! I am so excited. Also, my cousin William comes home this week so YAY congrats Willes fam! Go have a party! I am so proud of you Will and the example you have been. You have fought a good fight and I can only imagine how proud everyone is of you. Have a great first Christmas home!

Hermana Willes

Baptism of Jimmy Cruz

Beautiful Nicaragua

Out doing Missionary work!

Subway in Managua!  President Collado is the bomb!

Just a little personal study!

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