Monday, June 13, 2016

Ernesto's Family got Baptized!

This week has been a little sweet companion, Hermana Le Starge has returned home due to medical issues. We got the call from President Collado telling us that she would be going home on Monday.While we were crying, I had the crazy impression to call Ernesto and ask them if they would be baptized that night so that Hermana Le Starge could see it. He told me that we was actually not in Ocotal but he would try his best to be back around right at 5 we were standing in their house, baptsimal clothes at the ready. We explained to them the situation...and THEY GOT BAPTIZED! I wanted, I did, cry tears of joy. The youngest daughter, Gensis, was crying because she couldnt get baptized (she is seven) and each of them were smiling from ear to ear after they left the water. I just love them so much! And on Sunday Ernesto was really sick but he still came to church and all of them were confirmed :) We are planning on giving Ernesto the priesthood really soon!

Also this week...

I survived an earthquake! haha it was a minor earthquake but the nicas are very dramatic so we have been talking to everyone about how we barely survived.

we baptized a daughter of a member! Her name is Valeska and it was beautiful! Her dad was able to baptize her and it was just lovely.

I am now working with a mini missionary from Costa Rica named Hermana Perez! She is in her 60s and finishes her mission on monday so we will really only have this week together. She loves sharing her testimony with everyone and i love her desire to be here and work :)

On Wednesday we will have a multi zone meeting and I think it will be my last time I will see President Collado..AH!

I found this quote that I love:

"We are not here to while away the hours of this life and then pass to a sphere of exaltation. But we are here to qualify ourselves day by day for the positions that our Father expects us to fill hereafter."  -George Albert Smith

I love this quote because each day I am trying to be a better missionary and a better disciple of Christ. I LOVE being a missionary and am so grateful for every miracle I see! I am still in shock that Ernesto and his family got baptized. I know that the family is central to the plan of our Heavenly Father, and I cant wait for the day when I see them all in white in a temple one day.

Love you all!


Hermana Willes

The baptism of Ernesto and his family

Valeska's baptism

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